About medium-density housing

Medium-density housing can be stand-alone, semi-detached, terraced houses or apartment buildings, all up to three storeys high.

Medium-density housing developments have several benefits. They provide:

  • options for new home buyers that suit their needs, such as a one- or two-person home, family home, or place to retire
  • ownership options for investors and homeowners
  • a range of affordable housing
  • better use of limited land near town centre
  • compact development which is energy efficient.

There are many ways to build medium-density housing, and each development would respond to site opportunities, constraints and surroundings.

Drawing by McIndoe Urban & Clare Bush Architects, Palmerston North City Council.

Expand this image to see an example of medium-density housing and some common key features.
Source: McIndoe Urban & Clare Bush Architects, Palmerston North City Council

Examples of medium-density housing in Wellington


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