Egmont Street upgrade

As part of the laneways project, the upgrade to Egmont Street was designed to make this key pedestrian route safer, more attractive and more inviting – bringing more foot traffic into the lane, supporting local businesses, and creating a clear link between Ghuznee and Dixon Streets.

Content Egmont St

Artist depiction of transformed Egmont Street


Planned work

The design aimed to create a safer pedestrian environment by adding more lighting and slowing vehicle movements in the lane. The surfaces were improved, the existing character enhanced, and outdoor seating and planters introduced.

Egmont Street was transformed into more than just a shortcut, by providing the public with a vibrant and greener urban environment, encouraging growth opportunities for businesses, and a sense of community for local residents.


    We recently asked artists for submissions to add a splash of creative colour and character in the form of artworks on the doors and walls along the walkway. The artists are currently in action, so head down and get a glimpse of them in action. 

Project updates